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It's All Your Fault!

March 15, 2023
6 minute Read

By Shani Calvo, ICA Director of Media and Editorial

When customers are upset enough to voice their displeasure during a visit to your car...

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Cross-Industry Inspirations

March 14, 2023
9 minute Read

By Mary Lou Jay

Every type of business has its unique problems and opportunities, but at the core all share at least a few common concerns....

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February 27, 2023
2 minute Read

By Nicole Needles

Cookies are a way for marketers to give their audience a more tailored experience based on their behaviors and habits....

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Safeguarding Customer Data

February 22, 2023
8 minute Read

By Nick Fortuna

In the car wash industry, there’s nothing nefarious about license plate recognition (LPR) technology, an invaluable tool...

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The Evolution of Email Marketing

February 20, 2023
10 minute Read

By Nicole Needles

The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. It’s safe to say that every month the tides turn, and there is a new...

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Building Your Marketing Team

February 15, 2023
8 minute Read

By Elsbeth Russell

While marketing may be crucial to the foundation of a successful business, it can often be difficult for owners to...

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Vehicle Technology Trends

February 13, 2023
6 minute Read

By Derek Kaufman

Future trends in vehicle technology and their impact on the car wash industry was the subject of a recent ICA webinar I...

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Doing Business on the Edge

February 9, 2023
4 minute Read

It was like being a fly on the wall, overhearing little-known secrets about achieving higher lifetime value with your customers and...

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By Susan Palé, CCP

Inflation. Inflation. Inflation. We not only hear this word 15 times a day, we experience it every day – at the gas...

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Soapy Joe’s Dives Into Digital Collectibles

February 6, 2023
3 minute Read

By Nicole Nelson

Many car washes are toying with a number of platforms in digital marketing, but only one car wash to date is making its...

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The Next Place for Digital Advertising

February 1, 2023
8 minute Read

By Nicole Nelson

Last spring, Sam Sousa made the decision to explore a marketing medium that was previously untapped at All American...

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The Science of a Great Landing Page

January 30, 2023
7 minute Read

By Emily Madison

One of the fundamental challenges today is finding ways to convert your potential customers into actual high lifetime...

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