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The Next Place for Digital Advertising

February 1, 2023
8 minute Read

By Nicole Nelson

Last spring, Sam Sousa made the decision to explore a marketing medium that was previously untapped at All American...

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The Science of a Great Landing Page

January 30, 2023
7 minute Read

By Emily Madison

One of the fundamental challenges today is finding ways to convert your potential customers into actual high lifetime...

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How Transparent Do You Need to Be?

January 25, 2023
8 minute Read

By Lindsey Quick

Costs are rising in nearly every sector and on nearly every kind of product and service available. Consumers are feeling...

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Want to Grow Your Car Wash? Google It.

January 23, 2023
8 minute Read

By Elsbeth W. Russell

Google is unarguably the leading search engine, with around 5.6 billion searches each day and a 92% market share....

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The Power of Customer LTV and Retention

January 18, 2023
10 minute Read

By Tom Gresham

For years, customer lifetime value was almost a mythical concept, said Peter Fader, author of “Customer Centricity: Focus on...

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Every Deal Is Different When Financing

January 16, 2023
6 minute Read

By Joan Tupponce

When Tom Hoffman Jr.’s parents were expanding their business rapidly in the late 1990s, they had to take out a mortgage on...

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LEAD Program Wins Award

January 11, 2023
2 minute Read

International Carwash Association’s LEAD Car Wash Manager training program has been honored with the Brandon Hall Group Bronze Award for...

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Lessons From Netflix

January 9, 2023
9 minute Read

By Tom Gresham

Netflix has been in the headlines for the wrong kinds of reasons in 2022. The streaming service trailblazer announced in...

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How It Works: RFID

December 12, 2022
3 minute Read


Car washes are increasingly using RFID technology for payment, vehicle identification and more. What’s behind this two-part...

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The Long Road to China

December 5, 2022
5 minute Read

In just four years, Splash Car Wash of China has opened 57 locations. But the road to that accelerated growth wasn’t the most direct. In...

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Next-Gen Car Washer Conquers YouTube

December 2, 2022
3 minute Read

By Lilly Chapa

When Ryan Cadle was four years old, he faced a rite of passage that many people experience early in life: a ride through a...

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Water Wars

November 22, 2022
7 minute Read

By Elsbeth Russell

Ernie Ionno has been working at car washes for nearly his entire adult life.

He started out at the age of 23 by...

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