Using Lighting as a Marketing Tool for Your Car Wash

Using Lighting as a Marketing Tool for Your Car Wash

November 14, 2022

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It’s common knowledge that LED lighting is the most energy efficient source for illumination, saving car wash owners on electricity consumption and, in turn, their power bills. The upfront investment is quickly returned, not only through substantial decreases in utilities but also ongoing maintenance and replacement parts in comparison to conventional lighting. While many have recognized its ability to save money, they may not have considered the notion that LED lighting can make money as well. There are many ways that car wash owners are integrating LED lighting to transform their facility into an active marketing machine that contributes profits right to their pockets.

Shining Light on Curb Appeal and Safety

Use bright, crisp lighting to turn your facility into a roadside beacon, attracting the attention of passing traffic while simultaneously providing a sense of security once the sun goes down.

Statistics show that adequate levels of outdoor light can reduce the likelihood of crime by 40%, allowing not only for expanded working hours but also providing safety after dark. Not only does LED lighting give the assurance that customers are protected, but it also has a drastic effect on the overall aesthetic appeal of a site. Gone are the days of dingy, yellowed HID lights; a car wash can be transformed and draw customers like a moth to a flame using brilliant LED lighting. Increase earnings through longer operating hours and secured business after the sun sets.

Visibility Means Productivity

Proper illumination is imperative to ensure that every vehicle that leaves the wash is glistening clean, with zero dirt left in the dark. From full-service facilities to detail bays, vacuum arches and self-serve car washes, crisp white light plays an essential role in a worker or customer’s ability to perform the task at hand so that every car leaves the lot spotless. A clean car is the ultimate objective behind the customer’s visit after all, so the better you can see to do the job well, the more likely they are to return the next time they’re in need of a wash.

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Light Shows that Build Loyalty

Vibrant color effects have become a staple of the modern car wash, from arch lights synchronized with the wash cycle to fully immersive mood lighting that creates an out-of-this-world entertainment experience. LED technology allows car wash owners to integrate color effects that support their brand, showcase the capabilities of the wash functions and even the versatility to customize in support of community events and holidays. LED technology for car washing today allows operators to fully control the experience from an app on their phone, with the ability to customize and change the show lineup at any given time to keep things fresh and customers coming back for more.

By incorporating various levels of lighting functionality with every wash package, customers can be incentivized to spend more in exchange for an advanced show. The more impressive the light show is, the bigger the ticket gets. Customers who leave the wash with a clean car but also the memory of an enjoyable sensory experience also translates to loyalty and repeat business.

For example, a parent with small children is much more likely to patronize a car wash that engages and entertains the kids, positioning those tiny consumers to request subsequent visits in the future. When the kids are happy, the parents are happy, and chances are they may even go on to share about their experience via reviews on Google or social media. Being able to condition customers to do the marketing is invaluable and is guaranteed to create a ripple effect that will reach other potential customers in the local market as well.

For sites with roadside visibility, the incorporation of a color-changing light show is an incredible attention grabber and has the power to draw customers in who may have otherwise not noticed the establishment. The movement of brilliant colors provided through LED lighting makes a site almost impossible to miss. In a time where competition is at an all-time high, making a wash stand out and setting yourself apart with a great customer experience is essential.

Incorporating LED lighting into your car wash is an easy marketing tactic that will improve curb appeal, promote your brand, increase customer spend and retention while paying dividends on the initial investment. The end result is a clean car that looks good, customers who feel good and increased profits for the business –everyone wins.

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