7 Ways to Amaze Every Customer Every Time

7 Ways to Amaze Every Customer Every Time

March 19, 2024

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What does it take to get a customer to say, “I’ll be back!”? Create an amazing customer experience — and it’s not what you think. 

By Shep Hyken

Hyken is a CX & customer service expert, keynote speaker and NY Times bestselling author.

1. Create Customer Amazement – Customer amazement is not what you think. It’s simply creating an experience that, at a minimum, always meets expectations. Do that, and you’ll actually be exceeding your customers’ expectations. Very few companies from any industry can deliver consistent and predictable experiences. What do our customers want? To do what we promise, and that starts with a clean car. Add to that employees who are kind and helpful. A consistent and predictable experience is what will drive repeat business.

2. Treat Employees Right – If you want employees to treat customers right, then treat them right. You can’t expect employees to treat customers differently than the way you treat them. You can’t yell at your employees and expect them to go out and be nice to others. The way you treat employees needs to be at least as good, if not better, than how you want your customers to be treated.

3. Managers Must Be Role Models for Employees – This is a perfect follow-up to how you treat employees. Become a role model for others to emulate. And it’s more than the way you treat your employees. It’s also the behaviors you demonstrate every day. For example, if a manager tells their employees to keep the car wash clean but then walks by trash on the ground, they are giving permission for their employees to do the same. As managers, we must realize how others see us. Set the right example. 

4. Get Employees to Act Like an Owner – Customers love to deal with people in charge or appear to be in charge. An employee doesn’t have to be an owner to act like one. I once met an 18-year-old pizza restaurant employee who was given what he felt was the ultimate compliment for his hard work. One of the guests thought he was the owner of the restaurant. When he asked why, the guest said, “Because of how hard you work to care for us and the other guests.” He felt proud, and from that point on, he wanted to treat his job in a manner that other guests might think he was the owner or manager. Imagine if all your employees had an ownership mentality.

5. Manage Customer Complaints – When a customer has a complaint, don’t just resolve it; restore the customer’s confidence. Think of the customer’s complaint as a gift. It’s your opportunity to manage the complaint or problem that will not only get the customer to come back but will also give them the experience they want to share with others. My friend, Tom Baldwin, former CEO of Morton’s the Steakhouse and current CEO of Benihana, said, “Great customer service is complaints handled well.” Nobody should ever drive away from your car wash unhappy. 

6. Everybody Has Three Jobs – We’re going to take a lesson from Disney. Everybody has three jobs: 1) The job they are hired to do; 2) Take care of the customers; and 3) Keep the car wash clean. When we break it down to these three jobs, how we work at the car wash and treat customers become crystal clear. 

7. The Awesome Responsibility – Teach every employee like they have an awesome responsibility. At any given time, one of your employees will represent your car wash, your brand, and every employee that works for you. When an employee interacts with a customer, they are the face of your car wash at that moment. 

As you look at this list, you’ll see nothing complicated. None of this is rocket science. They may seem like common sense, but common sense is not always so common. Yes, the ideas may seem rather basic, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity. These are precisely the strategies and tactics that will make your customers say, “I’ll be back!” 

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