Industry 4.0 Redefining What’s Possible

Industry 4.0 Redefining What’s Possible

April 29, 2024

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Its interoperability is poised to bring significant changes to the car washing industry.

Imagine receiving a mobile alert that your top brush motor is at risk of failure within the next 30 days or that your conveyor chain needs to be tightened. With a single tap, a maintenance appointment is scheduled. No downtime, no crisis. 

This is not an abstract idea; it's the practical application of Industry 4.0 technologies in today's car wash operations.

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution, where interconnected systems and data-driven insights are transforming the way we manage and maintain machinery. Just as smart technologies like Alexa and Google Home have become indispensable in our personal lives, Industry 4.0 is poised to bring unprecedented efficiency and intelligence to the car wash sector

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, a term introduced by the German government in 2011, marks a transformative era in global manufacturing. It brings together interconnected assembly lines, predictive maintenance, automation and robotics, all fueled by real-time data analytics. Advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing are integrated to create a seamless, efficient ecosystem that maximizes operational uptime.

Bosch, a leading German tech firm, says that using Industry 4.0 has made them 25% more productive. A separate study by McKinsey and Company shows that 63% of companies using AI have seen their revenues go up. High-performing companies are especially benefiting, being almost three times as likely to see more than a 10% increase in revenue, according to this same study. 

It is about making connections.

The interoperability enabled by Industry 4.0 technology is poised to bring significant changes to the car washing industry. 

“If you think of the car wash as a mini manufacturing plant, the raw goods being a dirty car and the finished product a clean, dry, shiny one, it’s easy to see how the technology of Industry 4.0 applies to the car wash,” said Jesse Wurth, CEO of NCS. “Every stage of the cleaning process – from presoak and foam soap to rinse, seal, polish and dry to brush motors, water systems, high-pressure pumps, can all be connected so car wash owners can monitor, optimize and control operations remotely in real time.”

“It’s all about connections,” said Josh Barnes, senior product manager of NCS, which has done extensive research into Industry 4.0 and how to best utilize and incorporate it into the car wash space. “With Industry 4.0 technology, you’re connected to your car wash for greater control, equipment alerts, efficiency, cost savings and ROI. You’re connected to your customers through data about their preferences and purchase behavior. And your customers are connected to a more consistent car wash.” 

It is redefining the industry.

“Industry 4.0 for the car wash offers early adopters not just a competitive edge, but an opportunity to redefine what a car wash business can achieve,” Wurth said. “NCS has even given it a name, Carwash 4.0™, and is offering guidance to car wash owners interested in ways to utilize this technology and innovation to drive a cleaner, brighter future.” 

Consider the benefits of a chemistry management system where an app tracks, adjusts and controls your wash chemicals remotely, Wurth said. “You can gain efficiencies and cost savings by carefully dialing in the right balance between usage and quality. Now picture having multi-site oversight and control. You can apply a dosage formula to multiple sites, maybe dozens or even hundreds in seconds via an app on your phone. The implications for scalability are incredible.”

Industry 4.0 isn't just a buzzword—it's a groundbreaking shift that's already making real impact in sectors like manufacturing. And now, it's poised to redefine the car wash industry. As we move further into this new era of interconnected, data-driven businesses, the car wash of the future will be smarter, more efficient and more responsive to both operators and customers. 

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