Season 4, Episode 1: Go Pink with Quick Dry

Season 4, Episode 1: Go Pink with Quick Dry

February 8, 2024

If you attended The Car Wash Show in 2023, you undoubtedly saw Quick Dry’s booth with pink carpet. Jonathan and Lindsay Wiles, who run the family-owned business, called it the ugliest booth at the show. But the carpet was to bring awareness to a great cause. 

In October of 2023, Quick Dry launched its Go Pink! campaign. They sold pink towels to participating customers and donated a portion of the proceeds ($10,000!) to Hospice of the Piedmont and Many of their customers were also involved in fundraising projects that revolved around the pink towels.

The Wiles join us to talk about the idea for the campaign, the hurdles to make it happen, how they will make it better for 2024, and the humanizing effect that a program like this can have on your view of business.

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