Season 3, Episode 29: Qual Chem

Season 3, Episode 29: Qual Chem

November 9, 2023

This episode delves into the journey and philosophies of Qual Chem, a company known for its environmentally responsible car wash chemistry. Guests Claudia Moldovan-Crea and Jessica Price Easter discuss the company's origins, its commitment to green chemistry, and the evolving landscape of the car wash industry.

**Host:** Matt DeWolf

**Guests:** Claudia Moldovan Crea, CEO and Jessica Price Easter, Director of Marketing.


**Key Points Discussed:**

  1. **Origins of Qual Chem:**

   - Founded by Joseph Moldovan, Qual Chem originated to provide better chemistry for their car wash operations. It grew organically as more operators became interested in their products.

  1. **Environmental Focus in Product Development:**

   - Qual Chem emphasizes the creation of biodegradable, environmentally friendly products. They avoid harmful chemicals like hydrofluoric acid and derivatives, considering their dangers.

  1. **Market Positioning and Growth:**

   - Despite the trends towards consolidation, Qual Chem maintains a focus on individual operators, aiming to provide tailored solutions and personal service.

  1. **Future Directions:**

   - The company is likely to continue enhancing its green chemistry focus, keeping an eye on regulations and evolving customer needs.

  1. **Personal Growth and Industry Evolution:**

   - Both guests shared insights on personal growth within the industry and emphasized the importance of fostering good relationships within teams and with customers.

  1. **The Impact of New Operators:**

   - The influx of new operators with fresh perspectives is seen as a positive trend, bringing innovation and new ideas to the industry.

  1. **Advice for Personal and Professional Growth:**

   - Claudia emphasized the importance of supporting and helping each other, while Jessica encouraged questioning the 'why' behind actions to foster improvement.


**Closing Thoughts:**

The episode highlights the necessity of environmental responsibility in the car wash industry, not only for sustainability but also as a competitive advantage. Qual Chem's story illustrates the balance between business growth, innovation, and environmental stewardship.


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