Season 3, Episode 27: Maintaining Culture as You Grow

Season 3, Episode 27: Maintaining Culture as You Grow

October 19, 2023

In this episode, Justin Salisbury, President at Breeze Thru Car Wash, joins Matt DeWolf to discuss the challenges and strategies of maintaining a strong company culture during periods of growth. They explore the importance of purpose, communication, and employee development in creating a successful business environment.

This episode is all about people and is applicable to much more than the car washing community. Justin Salisbury, president of Breeze Thru Car Wash joins us to talk about how Breeze Thru Car Wash has maintained its culture as they have grown to 12 locations. He defines culture, gives great tips on coaching, discusses building trust, balancing staff development and profitability, and the importance of failure. Plus a brief aside on kid’s baseball teams. You are going to enjoy this one.

**Host:** Matt DeWolf  
**Guest:** Justin Salisbury, President at Breeze Thru Car Wash

**Key Points Discussed:**

1. **Understanding Culture vs. Climate:**
   - Justin distinguishes between 'culture' (shared values and beliefs) and 'climate' (shared perceptions or atmosphere) within an organization.

2. **Importance of Purpose:**
   - He emphasizes the significance of having a clear purpose in business, with Breeze Thru Car Wash focusing on developing people for their future.

3. **Recruiting and Onboarding:**
   - The conversation covers the integration of company values into the recruiting and onboarding process.

4. **Maintaining a Connection with Frontline Employees:**
   - Justin discusses the use of engagement surveys to maintain a connection with frontline employees and how this feedback influences decision-making.

5. **Balancing Structure with Flexibility:**
   - The discussion highlights the need for a balance between procedural structure and the flexibility to adapt to changing situations.

6. **Evolving with Growth:**
   - Justin shares his experience in growing from a procedurally driven organization to a more dynamic, human-centric approach.

7. **The Role of Coaching:**
   - They talk about the importance of coaching and its impact on employee development and trust within the organization.

8. **Customer Feedback and Engagement:**
   - The episode touches on how customer feedback is integrated into the company’s growth strategy.

9. **Reflection and Personal Growth:**
   - Justin shares insights on personal growth, learning from past experiences, and the importance of mentoring.


**Closing Thoughts:**
Justin emphasizes the value of helping others realize their significance in the world. He illustrates this with an anecdote about appreciating a TSA agent, highlighting the impact of small acts of kindness and acknowledgment.


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