Season 3, Episode 12: Honoring Car Washing's Greatest

Season 3, Episode 12: Honoring Car Washing's Greatest

June 15, 2023

At the Car Wash Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Manuel “Manny” Lozano of Lozano Car Wash and Frank Dorsa of Classic Car Wash were both honored as the newest inductees into the Car Wash Hall of Fame.

It's exciting to tell the story of these two car-washing legends together because they both accomplished amazing things. Industry-defining firsts, innovation that changed the game forever, but they did it in such different, almost-opposing ways. Even more interesting is that they pulled off these feats in the same market. Ostensibly they were competitors, but my favorite piece of the entire story, and the most car wash thing about all of this …. is that they are long-time great friends.

ICA President Justin Alford, Frank, Manny, and several more voices join us to tell the story of, and honor, these two car washing greats.

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