Episode 67

Episode 67

July 15, 2021

This week on CAR WASH Magazine Live™ -

Richard Branson just successfully flew into space. He's not an astronaut. Let that sink in.
That was a grand dream he had from his youth, and he spent a lot of energy, and had some luck along the way, to achieve it.
But guess what? Everybody has dreams, big and small. And today we're learning about a unique program in place at Valet Car Wash in Canada that is helping employees achieve their dreams.
This program helps employees feel valued, trusted, and more engaged. It sets your business up to be a place of pride and value for your people.
It's all about giving people the practical skills they need, and the support system they may not otherwise have, to build them up for the long haul.
Join Mike Black from Valet Car Wash and Murray Smith from Blue Canoe Consulting to hear how it all works.

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