Getting to Know Your ICA Board: Marcus Kittrell, Mammoth Holdings

Getting to Know Your ICA Board: Marcus Kittrell, Mammoth Holdings

May 28, 2024

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ICA President Marcus Kittrell is a self-proclaimed old-timer and takes this title seriously while embracing its responsibilities.

Marcus Kittrell, Partner, Mammoth Holdings

Marcus Kittrell is a self-proclaimed old-timer — and laughs about reaching this milestone in his car washing career, which he had not envisioned when he got his first job in the industry at the age of 16. But he also takes this title seriously and embraces its responsibilities, especially when it comes to the sharing aspect. It is part of what makes him tick and is one of his favorite things about the car wash industry.

“Our industry is filled with incredibly talented and helpful people — and it is known for sharing, which really sets the car wash industry apart from most others,” Kittrell said. “It is super important to be able to do that. It is how I got started.” And it is an integral part of what he appreciates in his role as a partner at Mammoth Holdings, where he has been expanding the Marc-1 Car Wash/Mammoth brands ever since embarking on an entrepreneurial partnership with them in 2018.

Sharing is also one of the aspects he is looking forward to during his term as International Carwash Association’s president, which commenced on Jan. 1 — particularly as it relates to the younger generation. “I love seeing young people learn and grow. And it is our responsibility — as we get to that age where we can give back — to teach young people how to succeed,” Kittrell said.

His feelings about online training, such as ICA’s LEAD program, and team development fall into a similar vein, where education and sharing are priorities.

Want to know more about ICA’s new president and what is in store for 2024? CAR WASH Magazine sat down with Kittrell and found out about some of his tough lessons, his priorities and the best business decision he ever made. 

Q: What are you most proud of when it comes to your work in the industry?  
I have made so many great friends over my 43 years in the industry, both on a personal and professional level. 
Q: What is the best business decision you have made? 
Pivoting to the unknown and unproven stand-alone express model car wash while under construction with a full-service car wash in 2002, after visiting Benny and Justin Alford in Baton Rouge (Benny’s Car Wash). 
Q: Toughest lesson you have had to learn? 
There are a bunch, but the one that really sticks with me is something my dad taught me when I was young. Do not keep paying for the same mistake, do your homework and find a better way to fix it after the first mess up. 
Q. What are three priorities for your time as ICA president? 
Our priority as an association and board is to ensure we deliver top-notch trade shows with events and education sessions that help our members and vendors succeed. Another top priority is to ensure we are developing best-in-class training programs and learning opportunities for our members and vendors. Thirdly, we continually examine ourselves as an association and board to ensure that we are meeting the needs and delivering value to our members and vendors. 
Q. How do you prepare for future shifts in the industry and changing consumer trends? 
Our industry is changing and growing, it always has been. Do not be afraid to ask questions and listen to your customers, suppliers, and peers, and more importantly, do not be afraid to try something different. One of my favorite things to do is to ask new people in our industry why they got into the car wash business and what they are up to. There seems to be a common trait of the successful people in our industry — they are always learning and sharing.  
Q: When you are not at one of your locations or volunteering your time for ICA, where are you? 
While I enjoy hiking at our local state park, my wife (Missy) and I love to spend time at our place in the Tennessee mountains. 

“Marcus is genuine, inspirational and always brings out the best in every person. He believes in others when they may not even believe in themselves and has left a positive impact on many people that I know personally, including myself.”
—Kayla Moreland
Director of Operations of Alabama Market, Mammoth Holdings

“He is eager to help and share his knowledge and tries to take everyone along the journey of success with him, not just his internal team, and this is one of the many characteristics I value the most about Marcus.”
—Destiny Baker 
Head of Training L&D, Mammoth Holdings

“Marcus’s encouragement and support is the reason why I have stuck with this industry and have grown to where I am today.”
—James Stabler
Safety & Compliance Manager, Mammoth Holdings

“Marcus has taught me a lot about business but also is there for me personally. Marcus has made me a better person and a better leader.”
—Chris Myers
District Manager, Marc 1 Car Wash

To find out more about Marcus Kittrell, check out the CAR WASH Magazine Live, Episode 30, in the CAR WASH Magazine app or online at

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