Season 3, Episode 6: We All Need More Friends

Season 3, Episode 6: We All Need More Friends

April 27, 2023

The labor market is changing and there's a new generation that we're trying to employ and retain and attract in our businesses. And on the flip side, we're trying to find ways to make really strong connections with our teams and customers.

Smiley Poswolsky is here to discuss that on this week's episode. Smiley is a speaker at the upcoming Car Wash Show in Las Vegas May 8-10. 

Smiley is a Workplace Belonging Keynote Speaker and author of "The Quarter Life Breakthrough", the "Breakthrough Speaker", and "Friendship, in the Age of Loneliness". Smiley's expertise is data-driven insights and practical tools that will help you attract and retain top talent, build highly connected hybrid teams, engage the multigenerational workforce, create a culture of belonging, and lead what he is calling "The Great Reconnection."

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