Metro Express Car Wash: A Family Legacy of Service Marches On in Idaho Parade, Honors Veterans with Special Offers

October 31, 2023

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A striking display of generational valor will be present at this year's Idaho Veterans Parade as Bill Martin, owner Metro Express Car Wash, will be walking alongside his grandchildren and his 92-year-old brother, John Martin. This family is a living tribute to service and sacrifice, with a military history that spans from the Korean War to the Vietnam War and beyond. 

Both Bill and John Martin have served the nation with valor and distinction. John, at the age of 18, served as a Marine during the Korean War, while Bill was a member of the prestigious U.S. Army Green Berets during the Vietnam War. They continue to embody the legacy of honor and service for their family. 

The Martin family lineage of service doesn't end there. Their family also pays tribute to Bill's son, Andrew, who served in the Marine Corps, as well as their late brother Eddie Martin. Eddie had an illustrious career in the U.S. Air Force, serving in Vietnam. Also remembered are their late brothers-in-law, Dennis Doty, a retiree from the U.S. Air Force who served in Vietnam, and Gerry Doty, who made the ultimate sacrifice serving in the U.S. Marines on the beaches of Korea. 

"Military service is part of the fabric of our family," said Bill Martin. "It's our responsibility and honor to give back to fellow veterans and active-duty military. Every Veterans Day, we offer free car washes at all Metro Express locations as a gesture of our deep gratitude." 

In addition to the annual complimentary car washes offered to all veterans on November 11th, Metro Express Car Wash also extends year-round discounts on wash services to all veterans. During the parade, the Martin family will also be distributing free car wash tickets. So, if you see them, don't forget to wave and share your appreciation.

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